Reasons Why Painters Always Wear White

Colors convey a feeling. You will see a police officer wearing blue.  People are going to have a hard time if they notice an officer dressed in pink.  On the other side of that coin, silly clown is going to convert to some serious mimes when they will give up the colorful clothes for black. There are various moments in life when the color is predetermined. People often do not why it is the color of the moment but they are going along with it anyway.  These are curious matter in human behavior like the theory behind GTA painters always wearing white. Some of the rational are pretty silly.  Here are some of the reasons why GTA painters always wear white.

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White is the Color of Painter’s Union

It is a fact that at one time, the painter’s union mandated the GTA painters to wear white but it didn’t start with them.  Painters have worn white even before the existence of these unions. Hence, it is the behavior of the painters that drives the union standard.  For a while the non-union workers are going to stand out in the non-white wear in those days. These days, all painters can wear white, be it union members or others.

The House Colors were White

Once upon a time in the year 1700, if houses were painted, it was mostly white in color, particularly in the south. White color reflects sunlight. Thus, it will help in keeping the house cooler. When it comes to being the reason for the painters wearing white, this one is weak. Some historians tend to debate on the validity of the root argument explaining that the houses didn’t turn out to be the targets for white paint till a long period of time.

White is the Base

When you mix colors, the base color is usually white. For making any color, it is actually a matter of adding the ideal amount of blue, red, and yellow.  This is a known fact.  At one point of time, the painters used to mix a white lead power with the past of paint for making the paint. The mixing process produces a significant amount of white dust which goes everywhere. For hiding the dust, the GTA painters wore white. This is considered to be one of the most logical reasons that are on record.

White, Color of Clean Cloth

Fibers, particularly natural fibers usually start closer to white than any other color. At worst, it is off-white.  However, more the white fiber, finer will be the quality. Also, the fabric will be much cleaner. Hospitals are known to use white since it is easy to tell if the fabric is clean.  Painting business is a finishing business, welding and masonry can be messy work but when it comes to painting, it has to be a clean work.

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White Tells All

For worse or better, white will tell the tale of the GTA painters. It is better indicator of skill. At a point of time, purchasing new clothes was an expense that wasn’t easily written off. A painter that has dingy overall might make the contractor pause and hire another one. In recent times, buying a new set of white painting clothes is not costly.  These days, the painters wear layers of paint on the clothes as badges. Only new comers come dressed in complete white.