These letters offer fascinating details about the man and the artist. Read Tom’s own 15 letters, including one written the day before he died. They reveal his day to day thoughts, concerns, and self-deprecating humour-his iconic painting Northern River is refered to as ‘my swamp picture’. But one can see his growing confidence when writing his father in April 1917, ‘I got quite a lot done last winter and so far have got some pretty good stuff’.

An extraordinary resource are the letters written to Thomson biographer Blodwen Davies in 1930 and 1931. While researching her book, Tom Thomson, Discus Press, 1935, she asked to family, friends and colleagues to share stories about Tom. Ten of those letters are included here.

Enjoy also first hand accounts written by his patron, Dr. James MacCallum and boss, Arthur Robson. Each give a wonderful sense of Thomson’s spirit and personality.