FAQs on Music License You Need to Know for Wedding Cinematography

Wedding cinematography in Toronto

People take months to plan and prepare for this D day, and before they realize it flashes by. That’s why Toronto wedding cinematography has become one of the important elements in every wedding. Apart from freezing the moments, a wedding cinematographer captures amazing scenes that people can reminisce throughout their lives.

Are you planning to hire a wedding cinematographer for your special day? Before you get one, you need to be aware of the music license that comes along with it. Scroll down and unlock all the questions related with Toronto wedding cinematography and music license.


  1. What’s the purpose of music license?

A video sans proper music is as silent as the dead. However, before you decide to tell your videographer to put on Ed Sheeran on the footages, you have to think twice. Here is when the copyright issue arises.

According to the norm, you need to have a sync license for the music you want to place in the wedding videos. To do so, getting permission from the copyright holder is the traditional way. However, if you opt for a professional wedding cinematographer, he will do the legwork for you. Videographers or cinematographers with proven track record use sync license agencies to make your favorite music available with the ease of a few clicks.Toronto wedding cinematography

  1. What kind of license does your cinematographer need?

Typically, a wedding event video entails a wedding license. Hence, go for a professional who has a definite license for Toronto wedding cinematography. As per the regulations, no song can be used twice for different weddings without royalty. If done, the authority has the right to remove the videos from the shareable platforms. So, make sure your hired cinematographer or videographer has a proper wedding license to keep everything kosher.

  1. How to get a sync license?

Getting hold of a music synchronization license is a bit intimidating task. You need to reach to the owner or composer to use the copyrighted song in a video. However, opting for a professional videographer will do this constitutional task ahead of time. A videographer or cinematographer generally uses the best sync license agencies to make you available your favorite songs at the click of a button. Thus, you can simply forgo the burden of contacting the artist management and ditch the affair of negotiation to get your tune.

Wedding Cinematography

  1. How pricey is the affair?

Nothing comes free, including the music. You have to spend as much as $45 to get access to hundreds of songs. However, hiring a videographer can shave off this cost to a good extent. This is because the price solely pertains to the wedding license.

  1. How to get perfect music?

Once, you acquire a license or get a licensed professional, you have the luxury to pick the best of the best melodies from a plethora of options. The agencies offer a catalog with diverse artists and composers with dozens of moods and genres.

Consider all these FAQs mentioned above and get the perfect Toronto wedding cinematography this season.