11 Tips for Finishing Basements in Toronto

Before you remodel a basement, you need to think about future use of the room.  a flexible space simply mean that you will be able to change it into what you want. If you are planning on basement finishing, here are few tips that you need to consider.

Dry it Up

If you have wet or damp basement, fix it before you start working on it. This is time consuming and expensive process. However, it is important for preventing a ruined finished basement.

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Seal the Rim Joists

Un-insulated rim joists can lead to huge loss of energy. Hence, you need to insulate and seal it. One way you can do this is by sealing the rim joists with a rigid insulation for cutting it.

Install Drainage Mat for Drier and Warmer Floor

 Dimple or plastic drainage mats will allow air to circulate under the floor and offer a moisture barrier. It will also provide insulating air layer which separates the floor from cold concrete. This is going to reduce prospective moisture damage from water vapor or condensation which migrates through concrete.

Vary Lighting Choices

When you are considering Toronto basement finishing company, include different types of lighting in your plan. You have to start with a good general illumination for those times when you require a brightly lit room. Add a dimmer switch for controlling the amount of light.

Warm Up Floors with Heating Cables

You will be able to warm up your basement with the help of electric heating mats or cables.  This kind of heat is not going to warm the room to a great extent. However, it will make the floor comfortable. These cables might be expensive to run and install.

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Hire a Professional for HVAC System

You shouldn’t make a rookie mistake of trying to heat up the basement simply by cutting a hole in the primary trunk line. This is going to create imbalance in the Toronto basement finishing heating system. Spend money on a proper design and hire a professional.

Frame Soffits with OSB

A majority of the basements have plumbing or ducting mounted below the joists which has to be boxed in. The primary method is to build a wooden frame around it which you will be able to cover with a drywall.

Cork is a Great Basement Floor Covering

Choosing a material for the basement floor might be pretty tricky. Carpet is soft and warm but it might be susceptible to moisture damage. Hence, tile might be good for areas which can get wet. However, it is cold and hard underfoot. You can opt for interlocking cork flooring which is easy to install in case of Toronto basement finishing company.

Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Good basement flooring is luxury vinyl planks or tiles. It is waterproof and also cannot be destroyed. Moreover, it looks pretty great. You will get them in plank form and appears just like wood. There are squares which appear like tile.

Get Quieter Ceiling

In order to quiet footsteps from the above floor, you can add fiberglass to the joist spaces in your Toronto basement finishing company. For better noise reduction, you can isolate the ceiling drywall from the joists with the resilient channels.

Seal Around Pipes and Wires

You need to seal around cracks around wires and pipes with high temperature silicone caulk. You can fill up the larger gaps with flame-resistant expanding foam. Sealing between basement and upstairs is going to prevent the spread of fire.